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EMPIRE = SMS UPDATES (Text Message Updates)

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We have had tons of requests for board games lately. In conjunction with those requests, we’ve also had requests from people for a feature to keep on top of new games that we get in stock. Empire now announces SMS Updates!

Now you can receive text message updates when we get new hot board games in stock! You won’t be bothered every time we get a game in stock, just the hot ones.! Although this isn’t the all-in-one solution to keep you guys updated, it will sure help you stay on top of the big releases.

Things to keep in mind:

- Your Cell # is secure with us. We won’t sell your info or abuse it in any way. Pinky promise.
- We won’t abuse these updates. You can expect one update weekly, MAX!

Can I UNsubscribe?

YES! Send an email at any time to support@empireboardgames.com to get your phone number removed from our update list. Please be sure to include the number you would like to be removed.


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