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Congratulations $50.00 Coupon Winners!

Things have been more crazy than expected lately, but through all of the confusion, we have named two out of the three winners for our sweet Empire Board Games Button Promotion.
There was a total of five entries:
Winner Still Not Decided: (vote for this image on the right side of this page)

Winner Still Not Decided: (vote [...]

Biggest Group Of Empire Board Gamers (Button Promo)

Thanks for the entries guys. Entry #2 wins the $50.00 gift certificate to Empire by default because they gathered a larger group! Congratulations to the winner! Thanks to both of you for your entries.
Entry #1

Entry #2

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Hottest Board Gamer Contest (Button Promo)

UPDATE: This entry automatically wins the $50.00 gift certificate from Empire! Congratulations!
Now we’re talking.¬†Thanks for the entry.
Lets keep ‘em comin’!

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Nerdiest Board Gamer – Contest Entries (Button Promo)

Thanks to our one contest entry! Come on Empire Board Gamers! Put those sweet buttons to use and send us a pic for your chance to win a $50.00 Gift Certificate! It’s really not all that hard! More details.
Note: Refer to the official button promo post for details on when voting will begin, [...]

You’re Responsible For Making Sure You Have A Merry Christmas. :)

Hey guys,
It’s the season of last minute purchases and broken hearts. Good times, good times.
I just wanted to urge you to purchase your board games as soon as possible to make sure they arrive by Christmas. There is nothing worse (for the customer and our customer support) to have someone order a game two days [...]

Empire Is Now Twittering It Up! Follow Empire On Twitter!

Feel free to follow us on Twitter! Twitter is pretty freaking nifty if you ask us and if you’re not using it yet, you may as well hop on the band-wagon before you feel old school. Of course, if feeling old school is cool with you, it’s definitely cool with us. Twitter has taken off [...]

New Category, New Rule – Free Shipping Games

UPDATE We are no longer offering free shipping in this category as the “free shipping” option was abused and we will have to wait till we can restructure our system to allow free shipping only on specific category’s. If you don’t understand, either email support@empireboardgames.com or don’t worry about it because it probably doesn’t apply [...]

Empire Board Games Company Policy Page

Hey everybody,
In light of some recent events and questions, we have posted a policy page for clarification. This page will be updated from time to time. Please remember, we are a new company and we are making our best effort to clarify our policy’s and ensure you have the best shopping experience possible. Please bear [...]

As Low As Pricing – This Is Our Fault

A Note: If you notice an “As Low As” price on our games, please excuse us. There is currently a glitch in our system that sometimes resets pricing. If this happens to you, please wait a few moments and refresh the page. We’re constantly monitoring the site, and we have to manually reset pricing when [...]